Meet Jake: Our Newest Addition to Regenerative Farming

Here at Trippy Acres, we truly and deeply believe in regenerative farming. Naturally, as you introduce different sources of food (animals, vegetables, fruits, and more) it attracts predators, pests, and other wild animals. In modern commercial farming, it is dealt with through outside means. That could mean using poison, pesticides, traps, or any other number of unnatural means. However, that creates an imbalance with unintended, poor consequences. We truly believe that over time, nature brings the solutions in a balanced and meaningful way. We have seen this happen time and time again.
For example, in the short 3 years that we have been farming this land in Strafford, we have seen an increase in mice and rats. Very shortly after that, a huge increase in owls. These amazing birds of prey have stuck around and we see them regularly here.
Another animal that can be beneficial to a farm is a barn cat. They are great mousers and chase away chipmunks from our growing fields! We found Jake at a local shelter waiting for the farm life full of freedom and things to chase. He is a seven-year-old rescue cat who lives outside with our animals and is an amazing mouser. He doesn’t like people much so he keeps his distance. If you see him wandering the farm, appreciate him from a distance and silently say thank you for what he offers in our mini ecosystem.
We are still looking for a couple more barn cats to share the duties. If you know any cat who is not doing well as an indoor pet and would thrive in the farm lifestyle, please have their owner reach out to us.

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